After becoming a Permanent Resident, Citizenship is the final task to be accomplished and fulfill your dream of becoming a Canadian Citizen. Before that day comes, there are a few final steps that need to be addressed before Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada (IRCC) approves your Canadian citizenship application.


To become a Canadian citizen, most applicants must

  •   be a permanent resident
  •   have lived in Canada for at least 3 out of the last 5 years (1,095 days)
  •   have filed your taxes, if you need to
  •   pass a citizenship test
  •   prove your language skills in English or French

Other requirements may apply.


Eligible applicants will be required to pass the Canadian citizenship test and may be asked to undergo an interview before a citizenship judge, if requested by IRCC. Once approved, applicants will attend a Citizenship Ceremony to take the Oath of Citizenship, where they will officially become a Canadian citizen.

Dual Citizenship

As Canada recognizes dual citizenship, you will not be required to relinquish your natural citizenship once your application has been approved by IRCC.

Rights and Responsibilities

Once a permanent resident has been granted Canadian citizenship, they are entitled to the same rights and responsibilities of a natural Canadian citizen. Though permanent residents share many of the same rights as that of a citizen, the most notable differences would be the right to vote in federal, provincial, and municipal Canadian elections. There are no residency obligations for Canadian citizens.

There are certain situations that prevent you from becoming a Canadian citizen. Talk to us and know the details.


Government Fees

Processing Fees (Adult 18 & over)- CAD$530

Processing fees Minors(under 18)- CAD$100

Right of citizenship fee( Only adults)- CAD$100


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